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Yacht Charter in the USA

General Information on Yacht Charter in the USA

Rent a yacht in the US – it’s an excellent opportunity to enjoy the wide water spaces.

The main US territory extends from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west. The northernmost state of the country – Alaska is washed by the waters of the Arctic Ocean. There are not many countries on our planet that can boast of belonging to three oceans.

The USA has a rather favorable climate, picturesque coast, a lot of ports, comfortable harbors and bays, which has to do yachting. For example, on most of the Pacific coast west of Los Angeles stretches the world’s largest man-made harbor – Marina del Rey. From the side of the rented yacht you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the entire western coast: Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara and other cities.

What to see a yachtsman in the US?

yacht trip to the USA

If you want to rent a yacht in the USA, then the rocky island of Catalina must necessarily become a parking place. He will enjoy his stunning nature, the cleanest beaches, the transparent and warm sea, where you can meet dolphins and sea lions at arm’s length.

The eastern coast of the United States, imbued with a unique system of canals, rivers and estuaries, allows you to swim on the inner waters protected from storms, in the immediate vicinity of the ocean. Here are the favorite places of Hemingway, which are described in his works. Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Orlando – all these are not only world-famous industrial cities, but also places that will be an excellent occasion for yachting.

On the West Coast of the United States, yachtsmen will be interested in the islands of the San Juan archipelago, many of which are declared reserves or marine parks and have numerous picturesque bays.

The peninsula of Florida, washed by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea – a popular place for yachtsmen throughout America! The close proximity to the warm Gulf Stream, a diverse tropical nature, a large number of bars and restaurants, located just a few meters apart, will make a holiday on this yacht worthy of a lot of admiration and pleasant memories.

Rent a yacht starts usually from $ 1000 for a few hours and can reach 10-20 thousand per day.

If renting a yacht is too expensive for you, but you decided to rest on weekends or on vacation – there are several lenders who give loans specifically for holidays:



yacht rental in the USA

The center of beach holidays in the United States is Miami. Beaches of Miami with gray-white sand are wide and with excellent infrastructure. The seabed in this part is not uniform: the shoals alternate with sudden depressions, creating high waves, which will please fans of surfing.

Miami Beach extends no one kilometer and will pleasantly surprise lovers of leisurely walks in the areas of Art Deco, Collins, Ocean Drive, Lincoln Street, which will welcome travelers with shops and coffee shop tables.

Just a few hours drive from Miami is one of the most famous parks in the United States, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List – the everglades parkland.

In addition, every year more and more yachtsmen choose Alaska as their destination for travel, which can be accessed by water both along the coast and by inland waterways across Canada.

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